Being intentional about how space is used is very important to both my roommate as well as myself, especially when limited to the fairly small space inside a college dorm room. We put a lot of thought into what we could build and change to get the most out of the space and make it a pleasant and comfortable place in which to live and host friends. The result is a lofted room which maximizes open space and takes advantages of every aspect of the room, and allows us to seat up to 25 people watching a movie or hanging out.
 The corner window provides a unique opportunity for improvement. Because of its irregular shape traditional furniture wont fill the area and most corner rooms end up with large amounts of wasted space. The corner bench turns otherwise wasted space into a very pleasant sitting area, as well as allows for a significant amount of storage.
 The footprint of beds from the room frees up the only wall long enough to fit both desks side by side. This puts them out of the way as well as behind the projector screen when it is lowered.
 One of the things we wanted to make sure to do was keep all the legs of the loft against the wall so they don't protrude into the room. Because of the L shape there is always one corner which must be hanging in space, so in order to support it and eliminate the need for a leg we ran a cable from the deck into the AC vent where it anchors to a 2x4 secured to structural beams in the ceiling.
 The square platform matches the cutout of the window seat allowing it to mesh there and act as a step, or be pulled into the center of the room to become a coffee table when needed.
 The irregular features in the wall prevent many things from fitting nicely against them, so we built a small food and beverage station into what would otherwise have been empty space.
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