Our first project in the course Design Nature is to build a hopper with a mechanism found in nature. This is an early prototype to test the validity of the design, and which resulted in many insights into ways in which it could be improved.
 Final CAD model, used motion studies in Solidworks to find high estimates for the jump. The holes were added to reduce weight, and the tabs provide a place to mount the trigger mechanism. The position of the bands were also adjusted to increase the initial torque on the system.
 This early sketch model was a proof of concept design, it is made of cheap and simple materials so it could be built quickly at a very low cost.
 Early sketch model with the trigger engaged
 Sketch model to test a second idea similar to the action of a scissor lift
 The scissor design fully extended, it was capable of a long extension but due to increased mass and more pivot points causing friction it was not capable of jumping as high.
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