A Seattle native, I've been building things for as long as I can remember, and am currently at Olin College of Engineering. I am constantly looking for projects and ways to improve my surroundings, I have found that there is no substitute for the learning that comes with hands on work.

     I am a mechanical engineer. I try to always keep the bigger picture in mind, to think not only about the technical details of how something will work but also the underlying importance of why it exists in the first place and the purpose it serves.

     Fundamentally people are what matters to me, the reason I make things is to improve the lives of myself and those around me. High school and college have taught me to love working in groups with other passionate people, and to value the advantages of working as a team.

I'm looking for internships were I can help help create elegant solutions to complex problems, with the intention of improving peoples lives in whatever way I can.

(206) 683-8189